I've created an ECS cluster in an existing VPC tha...
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I've created an ECS cluster in an existing VPC that has an ALB. I've also added 2 Fargate services to that cluster. (I need 2 services instead of 1 because I need to scale each service differently.) Neither of the services are binding to the ALB through the associated target group. How do I need to configure the FargateService in order for a server to bind to the ALB?
there doesn't seem to be a way to explicitly tell the
to bind to the target group
Did you find a solution to this? I believe I'm having the same problem. The docs use a listener but in my case I want to use a routing rule to forward to a target group.
@fresh-summer-65887 you can do this with the raw resources, not sure if awsx exposes it though
Yeah looks like I'll have to drop to that.
I think I've got it working as needs, will feed back if so