I'm having trouble using getVpcPeeringConnection a...
# typescript
I'm having trouble using getVpcPeeringConnection as a datasource. I'm trying to pass in an array of awsx.Vpcs, and then loop thru them, looking for any peering connections in the VPC, and then creating the route between every VPC that's peered. The routes code is not where it needs to be, but my issue is using getVpcPeeringConnection. It always seems to trigger the catch instead of returning. My typescript is weak, so maybe it's a language thing, but I don't know. Anyone have any thoughts on a better (or the right way to do this)? https://gist.github.com/packplusplus/8cb354760e6b6e1631a4023b9eb761ee
First thing I would try is running with
to see if your datasource filter/query is what you expect.
i decided to go a different way for this solution, but i'd love to figure out why this code didn't work, just to understand datasources more.