How do we use apply properly to get strings for ou...
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How do we use apply properly to get strings for outputs? Struggling to work out what I'm missing here. Trying to get the connection URL from the RDS postgres output.
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export const db = new aws.rds.Instance(`${config.PROJECT_NAME}-postgres`, {
  engine: "postgres",
  instanceClass: "db.t2.small",
  allocatedStorage: 20,
  vpcSecurityGroupIds: [],
  name: config.POSTGRES_DB_NAME,
  username: config.POSTGRES_USERNAME,
  password: config.POSTGRES_PASSWORD,
  skipFinalSnapshot: true,
  publiclyAccessible: true

const username = db.username.apply(un => `${un}`);
const password = db.password.apply(pw => `${pw}`);
const address = db.address.apply(addr => `${addr}`);
const port = db.port.apply(port => `${port}`);
const name = => `${name}`);

const connectionUrl = `postgres://${username}:${password}@${address}:${port}/${name}`;

// Create a secret from the DB connection
export const dbConn = new k8s.core.v1.Secret(
    data: {
      dbConnectionUrl: Buffer.from(connectionUrl).toString("base64")
  { provider: cluster.provider }
I think what you are after is in the docs here:
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// concat takes a list of args and concatenates all of them into a single output:
const url1: Output<string> = pulumi.concat("http://", hostname, ":", port, "/");
// interpolate takes a JavaScript "template literal" and expands outputs correctly:
const url2: Output<string> = pulumi.interpolate `http://${hostname}:${port}/`;
Problem is that comes out as a Output<string>. Don't I need it as a string string to convert it to a base64 encoded secret.
can you use
yourStringOutput.apply(str => convertToBase64(str))
Brilliant. Yes that works. Thanks @limited-rainbow-51650 and @broad-helmet-79436 😄
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