Anybody else getting errors deleting EKS Node Secu...
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Anybody else getting errors deleting EKS Node Security Groups?
aws:ec2:SecurityGroup                  cluster-pulumi-test-nodeSecurityGroup         **deleting failed**   1 error
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Error deleting security group: DependencyViolation: resource sg-08f756b4c56c49dfc has a dependent object
    	status code: 400
That dependent object is a network interface; if you delete that manually everything works. Getting this fairly consistently.
We used to see this frequently due to issues with the AWS CNI plugin - but those were fixed awhile ago. Any details of your EKS configuration you can share?
okay that's interesting. I'll keep monitoring and post more info if I continue to see issues. It doesn't happen all the time, but I've seen it two or three times now. full source code: