There's something dirty in our codebase that worke...
# typescript
There's something dirty in our codebase that worked in 1.X that throws an exception in 2.X
error TS2488: Type 'Promise<Subnet[]>' must have a '[Symbol.iterator]()' method that returns an iterator.
the code is looping thru a list of awsx vpcs that should have a vpc peer, then looping thru the subnets to create routes.
I was always thinking pushing objects into a list was going to bite us, but it did work.
what's the better approach here?
Update: The issue isn't with 2.0 directly, it's with a library after the upgrade. Digging into which one, and maybe a diff will help sort me out.
Since I see that array wrapped in a Promise, I’m guessing this is due to moving from synchronous to async invokes:
You’ll want to look in your code for where you might have done something like a