I’m running into some issues when attempting to ru...
# typescript
I’m running into some issues when attempting to run
pulumi up
in CI.
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error: no resource plugin 'kubernetes' found in the workspace or on your $PATH
I looked into existing GitHub issues but none of the solutions posted there seems to be working out.
More specifically, the command being run is this:
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pulumi -C "$target" up -s "$PULUMI_STACK" -c imageTag="$CI_COMMIT_SHA" -c environmentSlug="$CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG" --yes
What does
pulumi plugin ls
tell you in this environment? Do you have a
plugin installed? Normally you would acquire it by running
npm install
or similar.
It was returning nothing. I realized the issue was CI caching. When running
yarn install
with a warm cache, install scripts don’t run and that’s how
sets up the plugin. Setting
and caching that directory together with
fixed it for me.