Is the code pattern of using `push` to create new ...
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Is the code pattern of using
to create new items in an array deprecated/not supported in Pulumi 2.x? Example:
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let privRtAssoc = [];
for (let i = 0; i < numberOfAZs; i++) {
    privRtAssoc.push(new aws.ec2.RouteTableAssociation(`${baseName}-priv-rta-${i+1}`, {
        routeTableId: privRt[i].id,
        subnetId: privSubnetIds[i],
I'm asking because I use this pattern a fair amount and need to find a replacement before migrating to Pulumi 2.x (yes, I'm lagging behind).
Yes, that's supported. That's a Typescript "thing" not a Pulumi function.
Are you getting an error?
No, not getting an error, just had a vague memory of someone mentioning that it was an issue under Pulumi 2.x. I'm probably misremembering. Thanks for the clarification!
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