Newbie question here: what would folks recommend t...
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Newbie question here: what would folks recommend to help keep from littering my hard drive with multiple 200MB
Yarn workspaces. Or you can do the same thing yourself by having multiple projects in their own directories under a single set of tsconfig.json and package.json.
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Depending on what you're doing with containers and so forth, you may need a top-level index.ts that imports the project you're working on. And there's a known issue with this setup when using inline code as your AWS lambda or similar. You may need to symbolic link your node_modules and package.json until that's sorted. Onesec I'll get the issue link.
There's a comment in there that shows the directory structure you need. Just remove
from the picture and it should work for you.
Thanks! I'm using the "multiple projects under a single directory" approach now, which works, but something more flexible would be great. I'll look into Yarn workspaces, thanks!