is there a way I can set the type of a dynamic res...
# typescript
is there a way I can set the type of a dynamic resource like I can for a component resource? eg I have a class that extends
but when I run
pulumi up
it shows up with the type
oh actually looking at the source it appears its not quite possible as it's hard coded in the constructor:
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 * Resource represents a Pulumi Resource that incorporates an inline implementation of the Resource's CRUD operations.
class Resource extends resource.CustomResource {
     * Creates a new dynamic resource.
     * @param provider The implementation of the resource's CRUD operations.
     * @param name The name of the resource.
     * @param props The arguments to use to populate the new resource. Must not define the reserved
     *              property "__provider".
     * @param opts A bag of options that control this resource's behavior.
    constructor(provider, name, props, opts) {
        const providerKey = "__provider";
        if (props[providerKey]) {
            throw new Error("A dynamic resource must not define the __provider key");
        props[providerKey] = serializeProvider(provider);
        super("pulumi-nodejs:dynamic:Resource", name, props, opts);