Any chance someone can point me to an example usin...
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Any chance someone can point me to an example using the RAPID release channel to create a GKE cluster.. and the second example would be for a private GKE cluster.. 😉 thx for the help
I want to spin up a cluster with the newest available version in RAPID release channel: 1.18.6-gke.3503
When I manually set this version as minMasterVersion and nodeVersion with something like this:
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//config.ts file
export const masterVersion = "1.17.9-gke.1503";

//cluster.ts file
import * as config from "./config";
export const gkeCluster = new gcp.container.Cluster(clusterName, {
    initialNodeCount: config.clusterNodeCount,
    nodeVersion: config.masterVersion,
    minMasterVersion: config.masterVersion,
    releaseChannel: {channel: "RAPID" },
    masterAuth: { username: config.clusterUsername, password: config.clusterPassword },
    nodeConfig: {
        machineType: config.clusterNodeMachineType,
        imageType: config.imageType,
        oauthScopes: [
I get the following error message:
error: googleapi: Error 400: Unable to update to releaseChannel RAPID. Master version 1.18.6-gke.3503 cannot be upgraded to releaseChannel RAPID default version 1.17.9-gke.1503: specified version is not newer than the current version., badRequest
I think you need to set
releaseChannel: {channel: "RAPID" }
Oh, nvm, I see you're doing that.
yeah … not sure, using the default version works 😞
Do you get that error on your initial create? or is that after you provisioned the cluster?
initial create
As best I can tell this is an issue at Google. I'm able to create a
cluster, but I get the same error as you do when trying
. From Pulumi's perspective there's no difference in behavior between the two different versions.
thx for following up… I will try to get some feedback from Google