I am sure I am missing something but I'm not reall...
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I am sure I am missing something but I'm not really sure what that is 😞
So the problem here is that
returns another output (an async promise-like future). You'll have to log within the apply if you want to capture the raw value:
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x.apply( val => console.log(val))
Note that applies are not guaranteed to run during preview, so you may only see this during update.
right, that makes sense now, thank you
this is helpful and i think should be documented somewhere or something. ive had a lot of problems trying to get the “output” of an output and just getting more outputs 🙂
is there something like apply that does return the raw value? i need to generate a rendered json string that includes misc ARNs. i know i can do a .all/.apply (as seen in https://www.pulumi.com/blog/intro-to-step-functions/) but that is pretty gross as the function gets longer and more complicated
If you're just doing string formatting there are utility functions to help like pulumi.interpolate for node.
im not though. im trying to create something like the apigateway in awsx for step functions. so, i’d like to have objects to reflect the unique stages (there are a lot of these) that finally render down into a json string. the challenge is that there would be ARNs and things deep in there
im trying to do something like this now: assembling the statemachine resource & a _render function
sfn.StateMachineArgs.definition is the json string that is partially assembled from _render’s on the states.