Does anyone know if it’s possible to log a message...
# typescript
Does anyone know if it’s possible to log a message / execute some code if a resource is being updated? Something like:
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const k8sCluster = new gcp.container.Cluster();
  k8sCluster.on('update', () => {
        `NOTE: It takes upwards of 35 minutes to update the Cluster. The current timeout for updates and deletes is hardcoded and the supplied create timeout is "${clusterTimeout}"`,
The automation API lets you run a preview and inspect the results. Pretty fresh code tho.
How do i import this?
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import { InlineProgramArgs, LocalWorkspace } from "@pulumi/pulumi/x/automation";
This seems to add an extra step of needing to automate a preview.
I think what I’d need access to is the current state of the runtime