Has anyone seen this error before? I've just upgra...
# typescript
Has anyone seen this error before? I've just upgraded to latest Pulumi CLI and libraries, I'm guessing it's related?
Unable to deserialize resource urnpulumistack:projectmyprojawsMyComponent$awsiam/roleRole::MyComponent, no module is registered for iam/role.
I'm on 2.13.2 though...
Doesn't look like I need to do anything else, the change is in the engine.. how do I confirm that I have this version of the code? Is it possible that my package.json says one thing but the code in use is something else?
Downgrading from 2.13.2 to 2.12.1 fixed it. Likely to be the same issue, but 5709 didn't fix all the symptoms?
@little-cartoon-10569 Can you open an issue for it describing what you saw and how to replicate it?
It's back.. might have to raise a new issue...
Will double-check I've got most up-to-date dependencies first.