Any idea why I am getting this error? ```Diagnosti...
# typescript
Any idea why I am getting this error?
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  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (auth-prod):
    error: Running program '/Users/jason/source/tlayen-infrastructure/security/auth' failed with an unhandled exception:
    TypeError: Class constructor ComponentResource cannot be invoked without 'new'
        at new UserRole (/Users/jason/source/tlayen-infrastructure/modules/pulumix-aws/dist/index.js:77:28)
I am calling `new`:
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const administratorUserRole = new UserRole("Administrator", {
    accountId: accountId
}, opts);
All my other ComponentResources work fine.
Can you show your
code? (happy to take this out of slack if there is sensitive information there)
Seems that error often has something to do with ES5/ES6 mismatches?
The UserRole looks like:
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export class UserRole extends pulumi.ComponentResource {
    role: aws.iam.Role;
    assumeRolePolicy: aws.iam.Policy;

    constructor(name: string, args: UserRoleArgs, opts?: pulumi.InvokeOptions) {
        super("allfiguredout:auth:UserRole", name, {}, opts);

        const childOpts = { ...opts, parent: this };

        this.role = new aws.iam.Role(name, {
            path: "/user/",
            assumeRolePolicy: accountAssumeRolePolicy(args.accountId),
            tags: tags()
        }, childOpts);

        this.assumeRolePolicy = new aws.iam.Policy(`Assume${name}Role`, {
            description: `Allows access to assume the ${name} role.`,
            policy: assumeRolePolicy(this.role.arn)
        }, childOpts);

Ah yeah ok so using
target fixes it.
Strange how the others worked. I would have thought they would have the same issue.