I don't see a tutorial, and looking through the AP...
# typescript
I don't see a tutorial, and looking through the API Docs cannot find, how I can configure the logGroup retention policy when I use aws.cloudwatch.onSchedule to schedule a recurring aws.lambda.CallbackFunction. Does someone know how?
Looks like this isn't supported via the
function. That particular function is what we call a "mixin" which means it's a higher-level helper method, not a real AWS resource itself. So, you can still achieve what you're trying to do with the lower-level AWS resources and then be able to customize the resources as much as you need.
ends up creating a
component - which you can see the code for at https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-aws/blob/ddc4d5623c8bb2e25428f11ab0de487b17795614/sdk/nodejs/cloudwatch/eventRuleMixins.ts#L70-L114. So you can replicate that in your own code and then customize the logGroup.
OK thanks, that was what I was discovering as well.