@here, i am trying to use the new relic pulumi pro...
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@here, i am trying to use the new relic pulumi provider in a docker container. it works fine in my host, but in the container it throws this error:
▼ pulumi preview
Previewing update (dev) View Live: https://app.pulumi.com/adamstortz/pulumi-new-relic/dev/previews/593c311f-f632-4713-87ea-b0077b6e0801 Type Name Plan Info + pulumipulumiStack pulumi-new-relic-dev create └─ pulumiprovidersnewrelic default_3_9_0 1 error Diagnostics: pulumiprovidersnewrelic (default_3_9_0): error: failed to load plugin /root/.pulumi/plugins/resource-newrelic-v3.9.0/pulumi-resource-newrelic: fork/exec /root/.pulumi/plugins/resource-newrelic-v3.9.0/pulumi-resource-newrelic: exec format error
which container are you using? how did you install the plugins?
Sorry for the delayed response, i had to step away from this piece for a bit. After recreating my container, and clearing the node_module cache it started working, I think I may have installed the modules on my host before mounting into the container...