I've recently added CosmosDB provisioning to our p...
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I've recently added CosmosDB provisioning to our pulumi script. I've used the new azure-native SDK (in beside the existing azure SDK for other resources) and when I run the pulumi app locally, everything works. When I run the script on our AzureDevOps build agent, I get this error:
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2021-03-04T17:23:48.8597836Z   azure-native:documentdb/v20210301preview:DatabaseAccount (releasesplatform-cosmosdb):
2021-03-04T17:23:48.8598404Z     error: building auth config: obtain subscription() from Azure CLI: Error parsing json result from the Azure CLI: Error waiting for the Azure CLI: exit status 1
This build worked prior to the cosmosdb additions. I've re-run another one of our pipelines that executes a pulumi app and it continues to work.
I've determine that this is because the
SDK and the
SDK do not share the azure identity config values and you have to duplicate them when mixing the two providers.