Has anyone written unit tests that include the bun...
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Has anyone written unit tests that include the bundling of async code for things like Lambdas? I'm trying to find a way around https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/5832 but I'm continually hitting
unhandled rejection: CONTEXT(3262): transferDeps( ...
I'm wondering if I can replace my function with a no-op or something else that doesn't involve serializing async functions? Unfortunately I'm currently using aws.cloudwatch.EventRuleEventSubscription, which is very handy but wraps the offending code inside Pulumi.
If anyone else has an example of a working test of a resource that includes something like a Function or an EventRuleEventSubscription, I might be able to figure out what I can change to make my code work...
Hi @little-cartoon-10569, Does the following Scheduled Function on AWS help as it has
No, I have all that working, it's going great. My problem is when I have that sort of code in a component resource, and a Mocha test instantiates the resource, then the Pulumi innards get confused. It looks like there's a Promise rejected somewhere in the Pulumi internals, and then every subsequent test keeps spewing Promise rejections and it's all bad.
Oddly, the tests don't fail.. but they're not usable in this state.