101 question. I want to break up my index.ts file ...
# typescript
101 question. I want to break up my index.ts file into logical grouping of components rather than have a massive monolith. Is there an example I can study? My attempts to do a module based on relative path so far is not working. Admittedly I'm still studying this typescript doc as ts is still new to me too.
This has an example of custom components and importing resources from modules https://github.com/pulumi/examples/tree/master/classic-azure-ts-cosmosapp-component
that is awesome! Thanks!
This is another benefit of using an IDE like VS Code over out-of-the-box vim, there are shortcuts to auto-import resources, auto-move resources into its own file, and you can also click and drag the files to a different dir and have the import statements automatically update
@steep-toddler-94095 late to seeing this message but you are right. I'm using vscode at this point and even so had no idea some of those practical tips existed. I'll have to read up on how to learn those kinds of tricks.
I have a blog coming out in the next few days about this