Hi. I am trying to set up `k8s.helm.v3.Chart` with...
# typescript
Hi. I am trying to set up
with a subchart (kube-prometheus-stack in particular). I am struggling to pass values to a subchart (kube-state-metrics) that is named in kebab-case. As TS wouldn't accept this as a key I tried to pass it quoted, but this doesn't seen to work Is there a magic syntax I am missing here? Thanks!
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'kube-state-metrics': {
  collectors: {
    certificatesigningrequests: false,
     mutatingwebhookconfigurations: false,
quoting is the correct way, but I'm not sure how we handle subchat values. pulumi uses
helm template
to render the chart
we do not use the full stack, but for subcharts of prometheus we deploy them separately and in the prometheus chart you can disable deploying the subcharts with a boolean value
Thanks guys, I was able to figure this out... I was trying to define a value that has been added on a newer version. Upgrading the chart version worked it out