Hello i am trying to creatre s3 bucket using pulu...
# typescript
Hello i am trying to creatre s3 bucket using pulumi typescript
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const accessLogsBucket = new aws.s3.Bucket(`${project}-access-logs`);
const BucketPublicAccessBlock = new aws.s3.BucketPublicAccessBlock("BucketPublicAccessBlock", {
  bucket: accessLogsBucket.id,
  blockPublicAcls: true,
  blockPublicPolicy: true,
bucket gets created but its gets id attached to it like this dev-access-logs-cf9291d how to stop getting that id for bucket name
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otherwise it will use the pulumi resource name and append a random string at the end
this goes for all resources that can be given a name
https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/resources/#autonaming we strongly recommend not disabling autonaming
(although in the case of s3 buckets it might be necessary)\
i am facing new issue so when i am random string fro bucket name when i try to destroy the resource is not deleted only when there is random string resource is being deleted
can you show me the output from your destroy?
destroy out put is not showing s3 resource in it
Can you describe the process you’re going through? You’ll need to run a pulumi up after your change your code
I think the issue is bucket is not empty thats why its not destroyed when i deleted dirrectory in bucket its working normal