Hey y'all. I've got this issue regarding output an...
# typescript
Hey y'all. I've got this issue regarding output and I just can't figure it out. I've used .apply elsewhere but here it doesnt work..pseudo code only fyi I have a custom component resource that exports a class var.
export _class_ CustomResource extends ComponentResource {
public resourceArn(): Output<_string_> {
return this.resource.arn;
and then I instantiate:
_const_ service = new CustomResource(...);
const service2 = new CustomResource2('name', {
arn: service.resourceArn
However, I'm getting the dreaded Output/input problem because the export is a Pulumi Output (see attached screenshot). I also tried to service.resourceArn.apply() but that didn't seem to work either. Question - Do I need to wrap the entire of service2 in the pulumi.all/apply function?