I'm having issues with try/catch in Output.. or ma...
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I'm having issues with try/catch in Output.. or maybe the AWS SDK. Or both. Apologies if posting in wrong place. This is to do with
I'm looking up a group after creating it in Okta. It hasn't yet been synced, and I need to handle this situation.
So I
my Okta group id and inside, I call
, with the intention of conditionally creating resources that need an identitystore group id inside the
(yuck, but it looks like it has to be done.
The problem is that when I call
with the group name which doesn't yet exist, it throws an error, and it's not being caught by try-catch.. don't know why, possibly something to do with asynchronicity?
Is there something special I need to do to catch an exception thrown by an AWS SDK call like
, that presumably is async behind the scenes?
Ooo.. probably solved my own query.. it returns a promise so I shouldn't be try-catching, I should be `.catch()`ing...
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