Hi everybody, We're migrating resources from TF to...
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Hi everybody, We're migrating resources from TF to Pulumi. We've deployed both
controller and
using helm. I was wondering if it is possible to import these resources using
. The TS API for helm Releases works like charm when it comes to create new resources, but fails to import existent resources. I manufactured a k8s provider (on GCP) to this end, but got consistently the same error while attempting to import a resource using the class constructor.
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kubernetes:<http://helm.sh/v3:Release|helm.sh/v3:Release> (cert-manager):
    error: Preview failed: failed to download "cert-manager" at version "v1.1.0"
And here's my code:
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const k8sProvider = getKubeconfig(projectId, {
  name: cluster.name,
  endpoint: cluster.endpoint,
  clusterCaCert: cluster.masterAuth.clusterCaCertificate,

const certManager = new kubernetes.helm.v3.Release(
    chart: 'cert-manager',
    version: 'v1.1.0',
    repositoryOpts: {
      repo: '<https://charts.jetstack.io>',
    values: { installCRDs: true },
    import: 'cert-manager',
    provider: k8sProvider,
    protect: true,
I'm confident enough that this problem does not relate to the use of my provider (I used it to import successfully secrets, configMaps and some other k8s resources). Thanks for your help and time.