any pointers to troubleshooting this error? ```fai...
# typescript
any pointers to troubleshooting this error?
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failed with an unhandled exception:
    TypeError: undefined is not iterable (cannot read property Symbol(Symbol.iterator))
        at <source path>/node_modules/@pulumi/cluster.ts:416:13
        at <source path>/node_modules/@pulumi/output.ts:383:31
the stack trace only references lines in node_modules
i get this running
pulumi up
after switching stacks to a new stack that i haven't run
pulumi up
on before
@salmon-fish-42319 it looks likr you're trying to iterate on an output, which isn't allowed. If you share your code it'll help
i have no clue where that comes from. the stack trace doesn't point to my codebase. only to node_modules
also it works as-is on one stack. then i did `pulumi stack init <newstackname>, set up it's config, and ran
pulumi up
. this is the error it replied with after i ran
pulumi up
i think i narrowed it down to fetching my tf state and referencing an output that doesn't exist in the state