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07/11/2019, 4:54 PM
That’s awesome to hear. Are the upgrades to bring the documentation more inline with what terraform has? At this point I basically just use terraform’s documentation for everything as it’s much easier and more well documented.
I will say the docs look a LOT better now, but are still definitely lacking in terms of navigation IMO.
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07/12/2019, 8:21 PM
@cool-egg-852 Hello - I joined Pulumi this week and will hopefully help drive documentation improvements. As background info, I previously worked on Docker docs. I'm curious to hear your ideas on how we can improve the navigation as I've started forming opinions around it this week. Let's continue this discussion in so we can make the docs more navigable. 🙂
Oops -- I just realized you did add your reply here. Was thrown off by the "head on over to #docs" thread.


07/12/2019, 9:49 PM
No problem. I’ll open up an issue there, but the basis is that browsing shouldn’t only be available in an api reference format.
It would be great to see the list of providers, and navigate around based on how you would interact with them. For example GCP. I’d love to see: Providers (or something like this as a top level) -> Google Cloud Platform (GCP) -> Cloud SQL -> …
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