Hey all… a quick observation on the documentation ...
# docs
Hey all… a quick observation on the documentation for
pulumi up
… I don’t think it is particularly clear on how to get logging to appear. I think I expected it to appear on the console but the correct pattern is
pulumi -v=10 --logtostderr up 2> somefile.log
This verbose logging should only be needed for somewhat advanced diagnostics. What logging was it you were looking for that you didn’t get automatically? If this verbose logging is indeed what you were looking for - curious what you think would be the best place to add documentation on this (the raw flags are listed there - and we have docs on this at https://www.pulumi.com/docs/troubleshooting/#verbose-logging - where else could we add this to be more discoverable?)
I went to the logging because I was trying to understand an odd issue with the
sample, where a change to the app in the
directory (which had been built and published via
dotnet publish
) which was then deployed via
pulumi up
exhibited some odd behaviour - sometimes I see the new code running, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I briefly do… it seems a reload of the app in Azure portal is needed to properly get things running (which the sample doesn’t do).
So wanted the logging to see a bit more about the order of Pulumi’s interaction with the Azure resources, management API calls, etc.