Quick question about the bots I see in the `pulumi...
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Quick question about the bots I see in the
repo. The github-actions and pulumi bots seem to be active on some pull requests, but not all. For example, they did not comment on my recent PR (https://github.com/pulumi/docs/pull/2247). I don't see anything obvious in
that would explain this. In which scenarios are these bots active? Thanks.
I believe github actions do not run on PRs from forks (risk of malicious users stealing credentials).
Same is true for most open source CI tools.
Thanks, Luke. I looked into your tip. It seems that the actions do run, though the "Pulumify / Update Live Preview" detects that secrets are not available and just returns a no-op success (
# Missing secret tokens -- possibly due to a forked PR -- skipping
) and so the bot does not comment.
Ahh - you are right - what I meant was Actions don't pass secrets into forks.