How would I go about getting private github repos ...
# pulumi-kubernetes-operator
How would I go about getting private github repos working with npm/yarn install?
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"Stdout":"fatal: could not read Username for '<>': No such device or address"
I think I need to set the git global config to always use ssh? Is the sshkey passed in via the stack config automatically available to yarn/npm?
I think the answer to the latter question is no as I’ve added the always use ssh into the gitconfig and now it complains about permission denied…
I guess this issue will also impact go modules
Sorry for the late reply. You will have to configure the package.json with the private git repo reference. Or in the case of go - GOPRIVATE. Like you discovered, the gitauth stuff only applies to the operator's ability to interact with the git repo. I'd recommend injecting ssh key material etc. as secrets and place on the container's filesystem.
If you'd open an issue happy to discuss potential improvements for this.
I solved by making the repo local to the cloned repo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯