01/07/2021, 9:14 PM
Edit: added job reqs in thread I don't have an official job req yet, but we are looking for a Sr level engineer for a devX / devOps role at our rapidly growing fintech company. We've recently adopted Pulumi and plan to move the rest of our infrastructure and kubernetes deployments to it. Full remote, US only, no recruiters please . Young enough of a company to be exciting work, funded enough for years of job security even without revenue (we have revenue) and without the typical startup pressures (cut off at a 40hr week and feel good about it). Responsibilities • Infrastructure as code with Pulumi (exp with another tool is good) • Kubernetes and AWS administration (prefer k8s experience but container exp is good) • Code instrumentation for metrics, tracing, and logs (primarily Node.js, es6 and typescript, possibly a bit of Go) • Collaborate with existing platform team members on architecture and improving developer experience (moving some lambda based APIs to kubernetes) • 5+ years exp software or devOps
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