Pulumi fans - I’m VP of Engineering of Nacelle (<w...
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Pulumi fans - I’m VP of Engineering of Nacelle (www.nacelle.com), a VC-backed, all-remote startup, providing the next-generation headless commerce platform. We’ve got big plans and hard work ahead, positioning for some exciting hyper-growth. Our strong DevOps tech culture is the foundation for our event-driven microservices platform, of course, all built with Pulumi. We have an amazing team of node/typescript developers, as well as a veteran aws devops leader. But to support our growth, we need to expand the team with additional platform and infrastructure developers. Even if you are an interested node developer but don’t have deep AWS knowledge or experience, that’s perfectly fine, we’re happy to help your career growth in this area - we all benefit. Feel free to reach out to me (here, or charles@getnacelle.com) - job description details at https://grnh.se/6822b1663us
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