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05/11/2021, 10:30 PM
Hi All, my company (ProUnlimited) is hiring a DevOps Engineer and we use pulumi (typescript) for our infra on AWS so I thought we might get some interest here. I'm the VP of Engineering so you can DM me any questions, and find more info about our company here: The position (more here: * Design and deploy solutions in AWS using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) * Administer cloud environments including performance monitoring, scaling, operational planning, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance * Develop/maintain processes, tools, and documentation in support of production. * Participate in the evaluation of new software, hardware, and infrastructure solutions. * Monitor system performance and tune performance as necessary * Maintaining proper security for cloud infrastructure * Perform server hardening and vulnerability mitigation * Maintain records on repairs, downtime, and configuration changes * Participate in planning and implementation of environmental changes including version upgrades, updates, and scaling options * Assist in disaster recovery and business continuity planning and support Expert with 5+ years of experience using core AWS services like: VPC, ALB, Fargate, IAM, RDS, S3, CloudTrail, CloudWatch * Experience architecting/deploying infrastructure in AWS utilizing Infrastructure-as-Code * Experience with a variety of scripting languages for automating infrastructure, and creating tools (Typescript, Go, Python, Shell) * Experience with a continuous integration and delivery model of deploying software * Experience with cloud platforms, open-source databases and caching layers * Infrastructure as code and configuration as code * IaC skills with Pulumi, Terraform, Ansible, SaltStack or similar are a must * Experience with automation tools: Ansible, Salt, Chef, Jenkins, Git, GitLab, InSpec, Terraform * Experience with Docker, Vagrant, Kubernetes DM me if you're interested, or apply here: Location: Remote in United States Salary up to $130k, depending on your experience and room for growth later on.
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Comp went up to $175k on this position, we're interviewing cand. now, just in case anyone is still interested, dm me.