I still have a number of roles open for our Platfo...
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I still have a number of roles open for our Platform team at Atomic. Platform team is a tehnical diverse one covering core architecture both software and infrastructure, infrastructure as a whole, SRE, data engineering and security. We're all in on Pulumi and write most of that in Typescript and other services in Go. I'm the Director/hiring manager for the team so DM questions. US based full remote. We unlock the power of the paycheck to reduce financial barriers
I have delivered more than 5 infrastructures using pulumi in AWS using Typescript.
My email: ulhaq.anwaar@gmail.com I am currently working full time as solutions architect but sooner I’ll be making a switch but I can talk to my management as I have trained subordinates and they can pretty much handle changes to the infrastructures themselves.
So I can manage time elsewhere