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02/09/2022, 5:50 PM
Hi folks, I lead the engineering team at Foresight Technologies, a USA based DevOps focused consulting company. We're looking to build out a team of engineers in Brazil or possibly another LatAm country as soon as we can.  I'd like our first engineer to be very senior and highly competent both from a technical standpoint as well as on the soft-skills and communication side of things. English proficiency is incredibly important. We're a really fun and welcoming group and value work-life balance. Tech stack - Whatever the customer is using. We are AWS and Terraform specialists, but also have proficiency with Kubernetes based environments, and some experience building out workloads on GCP and Azure. For serverless workloads we tend to favor CDK and Pulumi based stacks. Some services we love include ECS Fargate / AWS Step Functions / API Gateway and Cloudfront + Lambda@Edge. Location - Brazil / LatAm Remote possibility - Needs to be based in Brazil or other South American country, no office requirement, but will need to be available during Eastern USA working hours. Salary range - Equivalent of USD 30k-75k/year depending on skills and experience. Please let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested. Feel free to DM me here or shoot an email to: