Possibly just me, but I had a hard time re-install...
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Possibly just me, but I had a hard time re-installing the latest pulumi on my Windows machine. I renamed the existing install and started fresh. I had to do two weird things after running the powershell script: • Run
pulumi plugin install
to get an AWS-related executable installed • Manually move
(the plugin installation kept failing with the message:
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"Error: installing [resource plugin aws-0.16.2] from <https://api.pulumi.com>: rename C:\Users\Justin\.pulumi\plugins\resource-aws-v0.16.2.tmp C:\Users\Justin\.pulumi\plugins\resource-aws-v0.16.2: Access is denied.")
@hundreds-musician-51496 I think this is due to https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/2217 which is fixed and released, but we haven't yet updated the default installer link to the new release. For now you can get it at https://get.pulumi.com/releases/sdk/pulumi-v0.16.5-windows-x64.zip, and we'll be updating to make that the default in the next couple hours. cc @bitter-oil-46081
Cool, sounds good. Thank you.
Yes, this is the issue @white-balloon-205 linked to. Either adopting the newer version or just doing the rename manually, as you did, will work.