Hi Folks! Happy Monday! The team is happy to sha...
# announcements
Hi Folks! Happy Monday! The team is happy to share that we've released 0.16.12 of the CLI. You can look at the changelog here: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#01612-released-january-25th-2019. The major change is we've made changes on pulumi.com so that stack names now only need to be unique within an individual project instead of across an entire account. If you are using 0.16.12 of the CLI or later now, you should be able to create new stacks that have duplicate stack names across projects. Older versions of the CLI will continue to function as long as you don't duplicate the name of an existing stack. If you do, the CLI should tell you that you need to upgrade to manage that stack. The other issue is that because of the above, folks using StackReference may run into issues when doing updates, since the string you pass to the StackReference constructor now needs to change, to include the project name. Please update your use of the string to be
, e.g if I wanted to reference some outputs from the "infra-dev" stack of the "infra" project in my account, I'd do
new pulumi.StackReference("ellismg/infra/infra-dev");
When you do not specify the project name, the CLI will assume you want a stack from the current project, which is likely to be wrong. We apologize for any friction this causes. If you don't make this change, you should see errors saying that the referenced stack can't be found. You'll also notice that URLs on app.pulumi.com now contain the name of the project a stack is in. We've temporally added some re-directs such that URLs generated by older CLIs continue to work as long as you don't duplicate a stack name across your account, but these redirects will be disabled at some point, so we encourage you to update any bookmarks you might have. We'll be adding a gesture to the CLI soon to allow you to rename existing stacks, feel free to follow https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/2402 for information on that. If you notice any weirdness with the new system, please feel free to either open issues on GitHub and tag me (
) or reach out to me on Slack and we'll work to get you unblocked. Hopefully being able to duplicate stack names across projects will make your life better. Thank you again for using Pulumi!
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