Hi all, today we've announced Pulumi Crosswalk for...
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Hi all, today we've announced Pulumi Crosswalk for AWS. This is the culmination of past work coming together across multiple packages -- AWS, AWSX, and EKS -- to support common patterns for workloads on AWS. The idea is to have components that do the right thing out of the box (so, a new properly scaled out and subnetted VPC is as easy as
new awsx.ec2.Vpc(..)
), with extensibility points to customize where needed. Check it out and let us know what you think! - Blog from Luke: https://blog.pulumi.com/introducing-pulumi-crosswalk-for-aws-the-easiest-way-to-aws - Product Documentation: https://pulumi.io/reference/crosswalk/aws/ - Product Marketing: https://www.pulumi.com/crosswalk/aws/ - Press Release: https://info.pulumi.com/press-release/pulumi-crosswalk-for-aws-accelerates-delivery-of-well-architected-infrastructure-as-code
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There is an FAQ on the product documentation page, however, please feel free to ask questions here. A few topics worth mentioning - We are of course committed to multi-cloud now as much as ever. The Crosswalk approach is to go deep on each cloud, not try to do a lowest common denominator thing, and we've chosen AWS as the first one. Crosswalk for Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes are coming! - This is Node.js (so JS/TS) only at the moment. Python is on the roadmap -- and we have a serious investment in cross-language packages this sprint. More news here soon. - If you're already using Pulumi, very little has changed, except for a lot of new functionality in the
, and
packages (which are open source). Crosswalk works with the existing CLI and SaaS.
@big-piano-35669 would this mean Pulumi could be a full replacement for YAML hell (read: Helm) in Kubernetes land?
Hi @limited-rainbow-51650, I’m the lead on Pulumi’s Kubernetes provider. Our intent is for Pulumi to remove the need for Helm, but we do integrate with it for the purpose of migrating existing workflows. You might be interested the k8s overview post I wrote recently: https://blog.pulumi.com/pulumi-a-better-way-to-kubernetes
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