Several folks have asked about the new `import` fe...
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Several folks have asked about the new
feature. More docs and blogs coming on this soon - but in the meantime - here's a video walkthrough of using import to adopt existing resources. It covers: • Deploying some "existing" Azure infrastructure (resource group, networking and VM) using Terraform • Creating a Pulumi program that describes the same infrastructure using
• Showing that by default this will create new infrastructure • Using the new
import: <id>
feature to import a resource • Highlighting how Pulumi helps ensure you correctly described the desired state of your infrastructure (so that you don't accidentally replace adopted resources) • Getting the `id`s from the
file • Importing the full infrastructure into Pulumi • Showing that this allows managing the resources in (like linking to resources in Azure Portal) • Adding a tag to the VM with Pulumi and showing that we can now make changes to the existing resource using Pulumi • Discussing how to manage
IDs via config in cases where there are multiple instances (dev, stage) of a deployment • Discussing when
can/should be removed from code once imports are complete

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