As the community here continues to grow, we're fin...
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As the community here continues to grow, we're finding a lot of great deep discussions focused around specific cloud providers that Pulumi users are working with - AWS, Azure, GCP, Kuberentes, etc. To help folks who want to go deep on one or more specific cloud providers, we've created new #aws, #azure, #gcp and #kubernetes channels that will be dedicated to deeper discussions around these platforms. This augments the existing #typescript, #python, #golang and #dotnet channels focused around specific Pulumi languages. We want to continue to be an inviting community here - so will continue to welcome any and all questions in the #general channel. But for those who want to go a bit deeper - feel free to join the more focused channels for the clouds (and languages) you are focused on. You can join #aws, #azure, #gcp and #kubernetes now! ☁️ pulumipus 8bit
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