Hi <@UB39JFCKC> I saw a sample here <https://githu...
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Hi @tall-librarian-49374 I saw a sample here https://github.com/pulumi/examples/blob/master/azure-ts-dynamicresource/cdnCustomDomain.ts to add custom domain for Azure CDN. However, it is not allow to upload certificate. Please share if you already have a sample with certificate?
I don’t have any further details I’m afraid. By the way, could you post to #azure next time? Thank you!
I guess you can workaround this using KeyVault Certificate Resource and then providing it to CDN. Its the preferred way to manage certs anyway. Didn't test it yet.
Hi Both, Thanks you for your help. @acceptable-stone-35112 you are right, I've already have the cert on my key vault and
allows to load cert form key vault. However, CDN is also providing a cert for custom domain.
Please let’s use this channel for announcements and not questions ;)