So that we could get the latest stable or latest b...
# announcements
So that we could get the latest stable or latest beta. You could for example update the script to pass a param 'stable' or 'beta' and also a PATH. If none are provided it goes for stable and $HOME. It would be a simple change on your end and each of us do not have to parameterize individually. If so would be great. Thank you!
Good suggestions! Could you open an issue (or two?) in the repo? PRs also welcome. You can use a custom
today, but that will still install into a
subfolder. I believe we could support another parameter or env var to point at a custom folder. The idea of a
channel is a good idea. We’ve been talking about trying to make dev channel much easier to get and use - see
Btw - kindly ask to reserve #announcements for product announcements - many folks have alerts set for this channel to get notified of new things from Pulumi - always happy to answer in any thread with an @white-balloon-205 😄.
Sounds good Luke. Will do. Thank you for the new website. Great stuff! Sorry about posting here.