To build on the note from <@UHTP242EB> above, I ju...
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To build on the note from @broad-dog-22463 above, I just wanted to share a few more details on the new Kubernetes open source projects we launched earlier this week, along a big THANK YOU to the community here for the feedback and involvement in motivating and guiding the work on several of these projects. The four projects we launched this week include: • A new in-cluster Pulumi Kubernetes Operator which provides a Kubernetes-native GitOps experience for managing infrastructure on any cloud or Kubernetes cluster. • A `kube2pulumi` tool for converting YAML manifests to Pulumi Python, TypeScript, Go, or .NET brings Pulumi’s software engineering capabilities for Infrastructure-as-Code to bear on complex Kubernetes applications. Including an website for easily converting your YAML (a similar site for
is coming soon!). • Support for authoring Open Policy Agent (OPA)-based policies in Pulumi’s CrossGuard policy-as-code framework and enforcing rules across an organization. • A `crd2pulumi` tool to create strongly-typed APIs for any Kubernetes CRD, making it easy to leverage the full ecosystem of API extensions in the Cloud Native community. All of these projects are based on feedback from this community over the last few months, and build on the foundations laid by the core Pulumi project and in particular the Pulumi Kubernetes provider which many folks in this community use every day. Thanks for the help getting these out, and for the continued feedback. I'll also take the opportunity to thank two of our interns, @great-fireman-82197 and @worried-needle-99800 who played a big part in delivering the
projects respectively. And if you are interested in joining in the discussion on this new work - there's a discussion on Hacker News right now that you are welcome to join in on
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