For all the GitLab users out there - we just launc...
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For all the GitLab users out there - we just launched a new Pulumi <-> GitLab integration which enables posting Pulumi preview/update results (including diffs) to your GitLab merge requests for easier code review on infrastructure changes. Check out the blog on the new feature at, and the session @clever-sunset-76585 is doing later today at GitLab Commit that introduces this new feature and using Pulumi with GitLab CI/CD 🚀
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This is awesome! Curious if this supports self hosted GitLab instances?
cc @clever-sunset-76585 who would know for sure.
Hi Mitchell, you should be able to use this self-hosted GitLab too, with the caveat that you self-host Pulumi too. The hosted Pulumi Service right now supports only. Please learn more about self-hosted Pulumi at