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09/02/2020, 3:21 PM
We're really excited to announce the alpha for Automation API, available today for Go and coming soon for other languages! The Automation API is the programmatic interface interface for driving Pulumi programs without the CLI. It was designed for a multitude of complex deployment orchestration and tooling scenarios such as: • Driving Pulumi deployments within CI/CD workflows • Integration testing • Multi-stage deployments such as blue-green deployment patterns • Deployments involving application code like database migrations • Building higher level tools, custom CLIs over Pulumi, application frameworks, etc. • Using Pulumi behind a REST or GRPC API • Fully featured debugging of "inline" Pulumi programs as they execute Please join us in #automation-api to discuss and learn more, and provide feedback on the alpha. The full announcement with documentation links, examples, and getting started instructions can be found here. 🏭 Happy Automating! 🏭
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