Fresh on the heels of the next-generation Azure pr...
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Fresh on the heels of the next-generation Azure provider announcement last week - we've also just made available a new tool to aide in converting existing ARM templates to Pulumi programs. This helps you quickly see what your existing Azure resources would look like as TypeScript/Python/C#/Go code, and provides an easy first step to migrating those resources to Pulumi for easier management. This new tool is fundamentally enabled by the next generation Azure provider we released last week because of the direct mapping it provides for the full Azure Resource Manager resource model. Coupled with the Azure Portal's "Export Template" feature, this provides a really easy way to take existing infrastructure that was deployed - even via point-and-click in the portal! - and see what it looks like as Pulumi code you can develop and evolve. This also provides a nice easy way to share with folks outside of the Pulumi ecosystem what Pulumi can offer them. This is the 3rd of these tools we've made available - along with and - providing paths to Pulumi from several other configuration languages into Pulumi source code. Please do feel free to share these tools with anyone interested in getting a quick taste of Pulumi and coming from one of these ecosystems!
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any work on this for AWS cloudformation templates?
Hey @white-balloon-205 this is an awesome tool and exactly what I've been looking for, since I got hired to administer Devops in Azure for a new client. That said, I haven't got it to run properly since I started working on it, and I'd love to pick your brain about it sometime if you're available
Sure thing - happy to chat - feel free to reach out in DMs!
thanks, will do 🙂