Dear Community friends, we are delighted to announ...
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Dear Community friends, we are delighted to announce the release of Pulumi 3.0-beta.1! If you are interested in taking this new beta release for a test drive then please have a read through our migration guide - A few points to note: ā€¢ We made a change to stack select behaviour ā€¢ We have made important performance improvements for our Go SDKs ā—¦ There is a small breaking change regarding the Go SDK in that Apply<T> has now disappeared and we suggest people use ApplyT ā€¢ We have moved the automation api to be out of the "X" namespace Please do let us know any feedback that you have regarding the beta and and issues you may encounter!
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Yay.. Finally the automation interface isn't in the X namespace anymore. Always felt so... Beeeeta
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yeah @red-match-15116 has been working super hard on making the Automation API experience better for this!
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Is there a public roadmap for Pulumi 3.0?
Hey @ambitious-father-68746 Like a changelog or a list of work we are heading toward?
@broad-dog-22463 yes, you do a major version bump but it is unclear what changed in a major way. šŸ˜‰
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@limited-rainbow-51650 the migration guide highlights the native of the breaking changes - these changes are not really backward compatible so we had to take the decision to major bump it
Hello Paul Stack, thank you for this useful post - Pulumi 3.0!