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Today at PulumiUP we are officially announcing Pulumi 3.0. We believe that Pulumi 3.0 will form the foundation of the new Pulumi Cloud Engineering Platform! Pulumi 3.0 will help bring cloud engineering best practices to your organization so that teams can build, deploy, and manage modern cloud applications using the best version of Pulumi to-date. We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re excited to share that 3.0 has added over 70 new features and over 1,000 improvements since 2.0 with 150 community members contributing to help us make these improvements! We’ve also released a shiny new update to the look and feel of the Pulumi Console. We can't wait to see what you do with 3.0 - please let me know!! We have a number of events this week to help launch 3.0 - register at PulumiUP if you are interested! We also have a workshop on Automation API (tomorrow @ 9am PDT), Azure native (4/27 @ 9am PDT) and several more. Visit here to see the full schedule.  Key new features of Pulumi 3.0: • Azure native provider (GA) and Google Cloud Native provider (preview) provide the most complete and consistent interface for building on these platforms, with 100% API coverage of cloud platforms and same-day updates whenever the cloud platform updates its APIs. Learn more. • Automation API (now GA) exposes the full power of infrastructure as code through a programmatic interface, instead of through CLI commands. By embedding the Pulumi engine in your code, you can create software that can create, update, configure, and destroy infrastructure dynamically. Learn more. • Pulumi Packages (now GA): a new Pulumi technology that enables cloud infrastructure resource provisioning to be defined once and made available to users in all languages supported by Pulumi. Pulumi Packages are building blocks that make it easy for users to codify infrastructure best practices and share them with their team or the Pulumi community. Learn more.  • CI/CD Assistant is now available in all paid plans. It makes it easy to set up deployment of cloud infrastructure and applications through more than a dozen popular CI/CD platforms, now including Spinnaker. Learn more. • Identity and group management features including SAML SSO, SCIM synchronization, and new role types enable security teams to give the right access to the right person at the right time. Learn more. Read more about all the announcements in our summary blog post. Thanks for being part of the Pulumi community!!
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