Hey y'all - I just finished recording a Pluralsigh...
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Hey y'all - I just finished recording a Pluralsight course, "Getting Started with Pulumi". Stay tuned for when it becomes available, hopefully in the next week or so. Likes & retweets appreciated! https://twitter.com/softwarefloyd/status/1387415463651647493
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this is super exciting! please let me know if you'd like a second set of eyes on the curriculum!
Thanks! I'd be very glad for any feedback that you provide.
I just finished recording last night, so it's in the publishing pipeline now. Maybe a week until it's live?
sounds great, please feel free to send me a link when it's done!
you bet! I'll post a link to the course here when it goes live
Bear in mind that this is a getting started level course, so I didn't get into stack references, secrets, and very little into state. Pulumi 101, so to speak
thats sounds great. we're actually talking internally about our curriculum as well. cc @limited-planet-95090
I'd be up for chatting more about curriculum. This is Pluralsight's first Pulumi course, and I'm betting on it getting good reception, with the hope that follow-up courses will be in my future
This is very cool. Can’t wait to check it out!
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