Yep! It's <>. It of ...
# contribute
Yep! It's It of course uses Pulumi to deploy itself simple smile
@colossal-beach-47527 We had previously discussed renaming this repo to pulumi/ Probably worth doing that?
Ah cool, I want to add a thing to make just the command for installing select (without the $) when you click the script link. Number of times doing that has got me a
$: command not found
is unreal.
Ahhh, sorry about that. We're clever in our HTML/CSS on the homepage to avoid this, but should definitely either apply the same trick elsewhere or just remove the $s
Huh… that doesn’t seem to work in Safari on OS X
(What you pasted is what I was aiming to get to)
Ah, hmm.
<span style="user-select: none">$ </span>curl -fsSL <> | sh
That's the code that attempts to do this.
StackOverflow suggests maybe we also need a
-webkit-user-select: none;
Ah, possibly.
That does fix it if I add it manually in the element inspector.