That looks like you are missing some dependencies
Try running
make ensure
in the root of your provider repo assuming you have copied the boilerplate build system
I'm starting with the same dependencies in Gopkg.toml and running dep ensure
I'm not sure th rest of dependencies are needed for building the go binary
It was indeed a dependency problem had to remove
👍. all set now?
not really
`vendor/github.com/terraform-providers/terraform-provider-statuscake/statuscake/resource_statuscaketest.go2433: cannot use d.Get("test_tags").(string) (type string) as type []string in field value``
I have two types error
I don't really understand how I should fix them
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"test_tags": {
				Type:     schema.TypeSet,
				Elem:     &schema.Schema{Type: schema.TypeString},
				Optional: true,
				Set:      schema.HashString,
This is the original terraform provider type
What is the mapping?
Pulumi mapping ?
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Resources: map[string]*tfbridge.ResourceInfo{
			"statuscake_test": {Tok: statusCakeResource(statuscakeMod, "Test")},
To be honest, that looks like a bug in the Terraform provider to me
It type asserts to a single string
Yet has a schema which should be a
reified as
I would be somewhat surprised if that line didn’t panic.
I don't really understand how it's a bug
It's not a bug in the terraform provider schema isn't it ?
It’s a bug in the Terraform code by the sound of it
Oh interesting, that error isn’t from the TF Code.
go install -ldflags "-X <http://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-statuscake/pkg/version.Version=v0.15.2|github.com/pulumi/pulumi-statuscake/pkg/version.Version=v0.15.2>" <http://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-statuscake/cmd/pulumi-tfgen-statuscake|github.com/pulumi/pulumi-statuscake/cmd/pulumi-tfgen-statuscake>
manual command that give me this error
I have found the problem
dep ensure is not pulling the latest release of a package
I don't understand this package manager ...
Ok everything is 👍 again thanks @stocky-spoon-28903
tf provider in vendor was not on master and I had a copy of the tf provider on master branch inside my $GOPATH
I'm not really sure but it seems that the two were mixed
Ah, sounds plausible